Thong Song 2017 but why?

While checking my emails today I came accros this article by Men’s Health. I do agree with them except on one point…. That doesn’t sound like EDM to me at all. I know that I have been less into music lately but I am not sure that style was EDM-ish. Now let’s talk about the song… If you are a 80’s baby like me then you should know that “Thong song” is classic! Sisqo and Dru Hill? Man they have been killing the game at that time(Don’t make start about “Incomplete” because that song… any way). I know that some artists like to refresh some of their songs for the new generation and I think that that is the case here (the song has more 4K likes against 1K dislikes). What disappointed was that this remix (yes it is a remix for me) didn’t got me that hype, hold on I am not saying that it is bad, the song is ok. The thing is that the original song was FIRE, this one is just another trend-of-the-moment-style-remix, I would rather gave that to people like Yellow Claw or Major Lazer, they would have killed it!

To sum up, for Grumpy cats wolves like me I was expecting something better, of course everyone has his taste and I am glad that JCY’s fans like it. What about you? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below and don’t hesitate to share this post with your people everywhere.

SDJ Emiliot

JCY – Thong Song (feat. Sisqo)

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