4Korners back in Belgium! Don’t miss BRAND NEW RADIO SHOW with them!

4Korners in BRAND NEW Radio Show
4Korners in BRAND NEW Radio Show

The 4Korners are back in Belgium! Don’t miss them in Brand New Radio Show with Vinz , DJ Oneted and Myself DJ Emiliot on Radio K.I.F 97.8Fm Brussels (http://www.radiokif.be) this saturday July 25th,2009!! The show is from 9-12 Pm Europe(Paris/Brussels) Time / 3-6Pm U.S.A E.S.T Time . If you understand french or just wanna feel the music you can listen from the beginning , The 4Korners will come for the last hour with DJ Psar(MP Family)!

Just in case you missed the latest show with the 4 Korners check out the video below and you can download the whole set(the link is below the video)

4 Korners in BRAND NEW RADIO SHOW on Radio K.I.F 97.8 FM

(March 2009)




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