Did you know that soccer player Ronaldinho was a rapper?

It’s not the first that a sports celebrity decide to step in the music game, we had Allen Iverson and Shaquille O’Neal in the NBA (just to name few), the french  legend Eric Cantona in soccer and so on. We have a new name to add to the list, yes ladies and gentlemen Ronaldinho is grabbing the mic again! The first one I heard was “Vai na fé” featuring Edcity and now he’s on “Joga o copo pro alto ( Vamos Beber )” with DJ Dennis and João Lucas. I’ll be honest with you, I understood the title because I speak spanish but Ifrom what I get, it’s all about drinking and having fun.I might need to get my girl Natalia Damini help me on this one.(Make sure you check her music out she’s a dope brazilian singer and she’s very Beautiful too). With that said check the videos belwo and let me know what you think in the comments!

Dennis Dj – Joga o copo pro alto ( Vamos Beber ) Feat. João Lucas & Marcelo e Ronaldinho Gaúcho


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