This is why I didn’t find Stranger Things that great

I have always been a fan old shows and movies (thank you TNT Classic Movies) so when I have seen everybody talking about Stranger Things been like a throwback show, I was pretty curious. So I started watching it (hopefully the first Season has only 8 episodes) so it was quick. The 2-3 first episodes where interesting I was expecting more intriguing things but after watching the full season, I was like:”Wait… That’s it?”. I didn’t find anything really surprising and innovating that made people all like “Crazy show!!”, “So amazing” … etc. I am not seeing that the show is bad it is just that I have found the story and the outcome boring. We have seen this kind of story already several times so I was disappointed… like really disappointed. I just finished watching the 7th episode of Mr Robot’s second season and this show that I have found weird after 2 episodes is one of the best shows out now for me! At almost every episode I have my mind blown and this one of was like: “Holy cr*p!! I didn’t see that one coming!” and that is something I didn’t feel back while watching Stranger Things. I will be waiting for the second season and hope to have more excitement otherwise I will stop watching it.

What about you? Did you watch it? What did you like / hate about the show? Let me know in comment box below (without spoiling please, as you can see I didn’t tell anything about the story to avoid spoiler for those who didn’t watch it yet).

Thank you for reading my blog, I have been focusing my blog on music only but now it’s time to open more doors.

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