Get in with @Avicii in his Lay Me Down video

The world most famous DJ Avicii just dropped a video for his new single “Lay me down”, where you can go on stage with him through a camera of course(do you really think that it would be that easy? lol). I really love this song, it sounds funky to me and I gotta give credit to Avicii of this one. No matter what people say, this dude is really really really (did I already say really?) TALENTED! He knows how to mix different musical genres and make a awesome “Mélange” (yes I had to speak french there!Listen to “Levels” which sound totally Electro, then listen to “Wake me up” which sounds Country-lectro(yeah I just invented this term of mix of Country and Electro) and now listen to this new one which is definitely Funky-lectro. You see? Ok ok I will stop here to let you enjoy the video and make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments after sharing this post.

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