I missed this amazing you should check it out now! @ournameisMagic – Rude (Remix with @MrVegas included)

Sometimes we missed some dope songs because we are human and we can’t listen to all the music in the world(Yeah I’m serious, why, did every do it? Tell me how you did!) So today I was checking my youtube timeline and I came across the remix of this song that the one and only Mr Vegas did and the song is super-duper-dope!!!! If you love reggae music you will love it (if you didn’t hear it before) I posted the original and the remix version below for you, enjoy it and share it with your friends and ennemies(It’s a good to way to ask them why they are so rude) a big shoutout to Magic! and I’m going to check out all their music right now!


MAGIC! – Rude

Magic ft. Mr. Vegas – Rude (remix)

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