Speak Japanese in seconds! I want to try this! #logbar #ili #CES2016

People who know me will tell that I love Japan! So I try to keep up with things related to Japan as much as I can. Since I have been learning Japanese by myself for quite a moment now (yes I know more than こんにちは !) I have found this Translator interesting. The upcoming product from Logbar just got internet on fire (we will talk about it later). I love the idea of instant translation. I can use it (not like the dude in the video below haha) but it can help me with my pronunciation. I was a little bit sceptic first because my first thought was “Google Translator can be really bad sometimes so how this Ili translator can beat Big G(Google)?” but I think that if the product is presented at the CES now, it is certainly not a joke. If any Logbar representative pass by contact me as a tester for ILI, let me see what he got because I am really curious about it.

Time to watch the video folks!


Impressive right? What do you think about ILI? Leave your comments below!

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