The Doc Arrived!! #‎BTTF2015‬ #BackToTheFuture #BTTF

Today is a really special day! For a semi-geek like me and as an 80 baby, I was (I’m still) a fan of Back To The Future! I have been loving Science-Fiction since I was a child (I wanted to be Superman but don’t tell anybody shuuuutt!!!) so being here on October 21, 2015 a date where the doc came from 1985 it is just CRAZY!!! I had to do a little post for that! I know that there is millions of fans like me so guess that there’s millions of tribute, I just compiled a little selection of interesting and Funny videos for you so enjoy it and share it with your friends! Thank you Doc, Marty and Robert Zemeckis for making my childhood amazing with this movie!


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